Why you need a Vision?

Why you need a Vision:

Vision trumps everything.
 It dictates your health, your relationships, your business and every area you could imagine.

A vision can be created in two different ways:

Either the vision is in within a charismatic leader like Steve Jobs, Ingvar Kamprad, Dr. Martin Luther King and many others. They all had the visions within themselves and they tried to communicate a preferred future to others and get them also to do the implementation. A visionary leader is always in the future and not really in the present, so they need a strong team around them to do all the activities needed to give life to the vision.
A good example of a visionary leader today is Elon Musk.

The other way is that a team of key people start the journey to create a vision. A shared vision is not depending on a single person it will be more of a way to lead the business. The vision will prevail even if some people resign. The organisation will carry on the implementation.

Which one you select is irrelevant since both ways are working for all type of business and lifestyle.

The benefits of leading and thrive with a vision are:

  • A good vision is one that everyone likes to hear.
  • A good vision inspires people to do that extra work.
  • A vision is a part of an organisations history, it shall praise the future but also honour the past.
  • A vision is a beam light to what is important.
  • A vision is not a goal, but it will help you to set goals.
  • A vision creates understanding and engagement for involved people.
  • A vision is a practical and concrete thing and will legalise action.
  • Visions are not reserved for the executive. It’s for everyone.
  • It can make the impossible possible.

With your unique vision you will see tremendous results manifesting in your life.

Our online course has the objective to teach you how to create your unique vision.


Learn how to create a Vision.

Why are we as humans not being trained to create visions and thrive to live lives that are full of vibrant and fulfilling activities. We are born unique, creative and full if curiosity. Why is that destroyed as we grow older? I have no clear answer but I decided to try to do something about it and create course - Learn ho to create a Vision. Energy and creativity are keys to renewal, but as adults we are often in situations where there is energy leakage. We have unlearned/blocked our creativity and become stucked. The true art is to stop that leakage of energy and resolve the creative blockings. I strongly think that Vision is one of the tool that can make this happens. A Vision can move mountains and make the impossible possible.  The benefits of having a vision are: •  It enables decision making evan in challenging times. It will help you stay focused. •  it will attract and retain talents. People feel that they are part of something larger. Not just collecting a pay check. •  It will help people stay focused on the key things to achieve and why those things are important. •  It will help with prioritising of resources; investments, nurturing customers, retaining employees etc. •  It will promote and embrace the type of culture needed for being successful.  •  It will develop more strategic leadership in your organisation. Too often organisation tends to prioritise short-term activities instead of focus on the long-term. In history we have seen visionary leaders change the world. People like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Churchill, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk etc. The common denominator is that they all had visions. Visions that they though will lead to a better world a more humanised world.  Welcome to start this course and learn how you can create your own unique vision.

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