Course Outline

An Online Course that teaches you how to transform your business to the next level - From IDEATION to PLAN to SUCCESSFUL EXECUTION

Based on the book Stepping Up written by Alan B. Brache. See book cover below and order it  from Amazon.

Let me answer the most important questions about the on-line course:

What will be taught in the course?

Here's the agenda:


Welcome to Thrive

  • Introduction
  • The 7 variables for Stepping up

Crossing the Rubicon

  • Are you at brink of Rubicon?
  • Defining your next level.
  • Stepping Up to the challenge


  • Self-assessment: Are you at the Rubicon?
  • Tool: Issue Complexity

Module 1: Demonstrating next-level leadership

  • What does a leader do?
  • Who are your leaders?


  • Self assessment and action planning: What are you leadership gaps?
  • Presentation Leadership - pdf

Module 2: Creating a winning strategy

  • What is strategy?
  • What questions should a strategy answer?


  • Self assessment and action planning: Do you need a new strategy for the next level?
  • Presentation - Strategy.pdf

Module 3: Creating well-oiled processes

  • What is a process?
  • What are your processes?
  • Why is the process variable so critical?
  • Why are you likely to have to pull the process lever?
  • How should process design/ redesign be done?
  • Which processes should you work on?


  • Self-assessment: What are your process design/ redesign needs?
  • Tool: The wrong and right ways to (re)design processes
  • Presentation - Processes.pdf

Module 4: Fielding first class talent

  • The ingredients in the talent recipe.
  • What talent needs from its leadership.


  • Self assessment and action planning: What are your talent gaps?
  • Presentation - Talent.pdf

Module 5: Selecting workable structure

  • Structure plays a supporting role
  • The structure options
  • The structure selection process


  • Self assessment and action planning: Which structure is best for you?
  • Presentation - Structure.pdf

Module 6: Forging a high-performance culture

  • What is culture?
  • Where does culture come from?
  • Can organisation have multiple cultures?
  • What is the key ingredient in the culture recipe?
  • The pivotal role of management 
  • Can a culture change?
  • Should strategy drive culture or vice versa?


  • Self assessment and action planning: What are your culture needs?
  • Presentation - Culture.pdf

Module 7: Ensuring effective, efficient communication

  • What is communication?
  • Leadership communication
  • Strategy communication
  • Process communication
  • Talent communication
  • Organisation structure communication
  • Culture communication


  • Self assessment and action planning: Are you communicating?
  • Presentation - Communication.pdf

Module 8: Developing your game plan

  • What is a game plan?
  • What shall you address first?
  • Beware of doing too much too soon
  • Time to step up


  • Tool: Your “stepping up” initiatives
  • Presentation - Game Plan.pdf

In addition to the course outline, you will also get additional videos on specific modules, downloads and tool.

Who is the course for?

You will most benefit from the course if:

  • You have managed an organisation before, but you never had anyone coach you on the right approach and process as well as the key success factors of managing an organisation for growth

  • You have a start-up and want to grow, and not sure how you can take you start-up to the next level.

How does the course work?

First, you will make a small test to see where you stand in relation to crossing the river Rubicon. 

Secondly, you will tak each module and  download self-assessment before you can go to next module.

At last you will have walk-through of the  7 variables

How can you join the course?

To join the course you can sign up using the link below.

The fee for the course is € 495.00

If you prefer to pay in 3 instalments (3x € 165.00), it can be arranged. Send us an email and we will work out the details.

Does your employer pay for your training? We can issue the invoice to your company. Please get in touch with us before signing up.

Will you get a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a proper certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Are you ready?

Do you have any questions? Just hit reply.

I am looking forward to work with you! I’ll do anything to make you a world-class business leader who thrive your business at the next level and beyond.

Best wishes,

Göran, growth trainer

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The course is based on the book Stepping Up written by Alan P. Brache.

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