At Growise we coach and train business owners and leaders so you can Thrive in the Future, which is about making more and serve more without burning yourself out.

We have over 60 plus years of combined experience from different platforms in delivering values to customers in more than 20 different countries.

We are passionated in all aspects of growth. If the economy or business grows it increases in wealth, size and importance. When a business starts to grow up it starts to exist and become larger and also become more important.

Growise inspires you to change 

Göran Engberg, Founder and Partner of Growise has been active in the Swedish and International Management Consulting Industry for more than 25 years. He has been working with large organizations on topics related to Strategy, Leadership Development, Process Improvement and Management, Team Development, Executive Coaching and Mentoring. He has developed consulting methodologies and tools that enabled organisation to meet their targets. He has also been working closely with Dr. Igor Ansoff, known to the public as "Father of Strategic Management", in developing the Ansoff School of Thoughts and Alan Brache in developing the RBG methodology .

Kristina Wojnicki, Founder and Partner of Growise has experience from executive roles as CEO and different Senior Management positions with B2B and B2C organisation. Her experience expands from national companies to large international organisation as well as her own companies and start-ups. She has created and developed high growth companies within many different industry segment. Specifically she has been working with Media, eCommerce, IT and Management Consulting. In those capacities she has developing deep knowledge about Training, Leadership, HR management, Business Development and how to run Key-Account Sales.

Welcome Thrive in the Future!